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My story…

I am the wife to an incredibly loving and supportive husband, Raoul, and the mother of beautiful five-year old twins, Sienna and Kieran. From a very young age, I’ve suffered from a condition called Fibromyalgia. The loss of my dad, when I was seven years old, altered my world and my body forever. Other traumatic events – too numerous to mention here – also occurred in my life after the passing of my dad. My Fibromyalgia was misdiagnosed for many years and I was repeatedly prescribed ineffective medication that inevitably made me feel drowsy. I experimented with the highest scheduled pain medications (except for opioids since I was fearful of the side effects) but none provided any relieve from my pain. Having said that, I soon realized that if I didn’t take the medication, I couldn’t sleep due to the pain. This all took a toll on my quality of life, which was mostly very poor, to say the least.

I am sure that many people suffering with illnesses have been tricked into purchasing dubious products that are promoted to cure illnesses, as have I. Some products are endorsed specifically as being a remedy for ‘Fibromyalgia’. This is untrue and misleading. Up until now, there is no cure for Fibromyalgia – the main effect of any medicine administered for this condition is sedation.

At the age of fifty-one, I have finally gotten to grips with some fundamental aspects required to TREAT my condition and this has changed my life dramatically. Essentially, the KEYS are to use a 100% PURE and UNTAINTED CBD oil and to ensure that you are using the precise QUANTITY required. I now have a product that relieves 100% of my pain for at least 4/5 hours in the day. In the evenings, I take my other wondrous drops which enables me to sleep through the night – without having to take sleeping tablets. I’m so grateful and appreciative to have discovered natural products that really do work. Initially, I was not aware, but looking back I realize that the oils also impacted my life positively in several other ways. I assumed the role of educator of my twins for 6 months after the outbreak of Covid-19 in South Africa and my husband pointed out that, for many hours every day, I was fully engaged, focused and determined to complete all the tasks at hand. This would never have been possible without some divine intervention – in my case the oils. Another change since I started using the oils was my ability to get up in the morning which became much brisker and almost a normal daily activity for me. Prior to discovering the oils, I had to convince myself to put one foot in front of the other. The depression alone was as debilitating as my pain. Suffering from pain for so many years had created enormous anxiety which meant that when I woke up I was already immobilized and paralyzed with fear before even starting my day. Moreover, I’ve also noticed that my depression has not spiraled to the point of almost no return. This has been life changing for me. I’ve evolved from living in flight-or-fight every day to waking up feeling ‘normal’, enjoying a few hours of relief every day and sleeping through the night. This is truly a gift and a miracle for me.

My remarkable success with these oils has ignited my passion to want to share it with others who may be suffering. My goal is to reach as many people as possible to spread the word, create awareness and to provide sufferers with hope that their new lives can be fulfilling.

I would be so happy to give samples to those who are skeptical and who like me had lost faith. Please don’t give up until you try this.




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