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Take control of your health by putting the power in your hands through a range of hemp oils, superfoods and supplements.

We believe in holistic health, which means mind, body and spirit and we understand that nature always provides everything we need at its best. Natural supplements do wonders for our holistic health without any side effects. Countless studies have shown that there are only benefits from having natural supplements within the body. Most medications deplete essential nutrients and in this age of pharmaceutical drugs, natural supplements help restore balance and aid in preventing many health issues.

Our mission is to bring the world’s best quality natural supplements to your doorstep to help you heal and thrive. We, therefore, only source the best of the best organic suppliers to ensure what we are putting into your body is good enough for you and your family. When supplementing, we understand that quality is key and we therefore go to great lengths to find the highest, most pure quality products.

The founders of CANNACHI and SYNERCHI

Ethan and Kiara are relentless entrepreneurs, creating an abundance of well-being in the change for humankind. With over 20 years of combined experience in business organic nutrition, plant-based foods, fitness, energy healing and more, these brothers are on a mission to create a shift in mindful thinking towards your personal healthcare.

General manager of CANNACHI and SYNERCHI

Cassandra, mum to the boys and fondly referred to as ‘mamma Cass’ is an integral part of the business. An all-round miracle worker. She has such a wealth of knowledge and brings light, love and joy to this company. From my own personal experience, she has been the most patient, immeasurably helpful and a truly caring soul. Just as the oil is of pure gold standard, so is this family’s uncompromising ethical and moral compass they operate under and live by. This is why they are so exquisitely successful.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

About Me

I am the wife to an incredibly loving and supportive husband, Raoul, and the mother of beautiful five-year old twins, Sienna and Kieran. From a very young age, I’ve suffered from a condition called Fibromyalgia. The loss of my dad, when I was seven years old, altered my world and my body forever. Other traumatic events – too numerous to mention here – also occurred in my life after the passing of my dad. My Fibromyalgia was misdiagnosed for many years and I was repeatedly prescribed…

"Our Kitten Tiger"

Our kitten, Tiger, jumped from our neighbour’s roof onto a serrated fence. A spike went through his paw. We took him to the vet and he had stitches put in. He kept biting and trying to pull out stitches so we had to put a cone on his head and keep him inside for a week. He went absolutely crazy. The vet prescribed Alzam to keep him calm but unfortunately it had the reverse effect. His body buckled over almost immediately and he was so stressed by feeling out of control that he put up a huge fight. We were absolutely traumatized by his trauma. Due to my personal success with the oils, I decided to try the Hemp Pet Oil. The results were fantastic and immediate. He was a different cat. I was still worried about the evenings because that’s when he meowed for hours trying to get out of the house. He even broke the blinds in our bedroom in an attempt to get out. CBD has NO THC in it, so I wasn’t sure whether it would be enough to relieve his anxiety. I am so delighted to announce that it worked beautifully. He was completely calm and was back to his old self. He went to the door but didn’t fuss at all. He slept on our bed the entire night. I couldn’t believe the difference it made. I’m so thankful that he is back to being a happy cat on the mend.

– Sarah


"I now have my precious Maxi back in such good spirits"

Hi everyone, I would just like to say how skeptical I was about the Pet CBD Oil.  My dog, Maxi, is 15 years old. I have always spent a lot of time at home which meant that my dog always had company. Since starting a new job I have been away from home a lot. When Maxi saw me with my bag and keys he would yelp and start to shiver. I was returning home to a dog that was extremely anxious and distraught. I didn’t know what to do. I was recommended the Pet Oil and decided that I had nothing to lose. Well, to my absolute delight, the change was immediate. I came home to a calm dog – either lying in my bed or in his basket – very relaxed. Before the Pet Oil, he would be upset and would jump all around me. I can’t believe that 3 drops of Pet Oil a day has relieved my dog’s terrible anxiety. I’m so thankful I found this product and wish I would have done it sooner.

– Lisa

No more sleepless nights

Your CBD oil is fantastic! I thought last night before going to bed that everyone should be using it. Just like you said, I slept amazingly and literally woke up in the same position I fell asleep in, AND I’m not frowsy like the other stuff made me feel. Thank you so much.

– Jane 

Better and better every day

Hello, I thought I’ll give you some feedback. I’ve just returned from a short break. Your CBD oild is truly amazing! My sleep is so much better and the pain and swelling have been drastically reduced, and it would seem my tolerance for lactose is also improving albeit at a slow rate. I think every day is an achievement as I feel better and better, even my finger nails are stronger. Thank you so much.

– Mark

You have changed my life

Hi, I hope you are doing as well as I am. Being early pregnant I was very skeptical to use anything funny, so I decided to stay away from anything with THC and try your CBD oil instead. I can’t thank you enough for the difference you have made in my life. I actually feel like I have a life again. No more Meds!! Never in my life thought I would ever say that!  Thank you so so much.

– Dr. with Fibromyalgia


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